Weakness Detection & Isolation Examinations designed to detect, pin-point, & diagnose untapped potential



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Quickly and accurately identify existing weaknesses within your company’s operational procedures, relationships, infrastructure, and leadership.  We compile an actionable and unbiased report, based strictly on your employees’ input, pinpointing your weaknesses.  The precision of our examinations drive extremely focused data sets capable of immediate action, making an enormously positive impact on the company, and driving immediate, long-lasting ROI.  


Organizational Culture

*investigating 30 weaknesses*

This examination analyzes the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of your company.  We scrutinize 5 sub-drivers, and investigate the potential of 30 specific weaknesses.

Internal Communications

*investigating 25 weaknesses*

This examination analyzes the function responsible for effective communications among the leadership & workforce within your company.  We scrutinize 4 sub-drivers, and investigate the potential of 25 specific weaknesses.

Skills & Time Utilization 

*investigating 37 weaknesses*

This examination analyzes the organizing, planning, and utilization of skills & time between specific activities to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity within your company.  We scrutinize 4 sub-drivers, and investigate the potential of 37 specific weaknesses.

Departmental Capacity

*investigating 35 weaknesses*

This examination analyzes and identifies areas of current capacity within the department or company that can be re-purposed to take on new important initiatives or to just fulfill the mantra of “doing more with less”.  We scrutinize 4 sub-drivers, and investigate the potential of 35 specific weaknesses.

Design Your Own Examinations

*unbiased data insights*

This design your own examination is custom-built in collaboration between your team and ours.  It begins with weaknesses you have already identified, yet still need deeper data insights.  We can approach this unbiased examination in any way that you would like (while still utilizing our proven Framework), delivering whatever level of data you require regarding these weaknesses, in order to equip you for the most targeted treatment strategy possible.  


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Whether you desire a 1-off examination or multiple evaluations per year, we offer flexible options to meet your Business Intelligence needs.


Monitor and analyze your chosen examination area(s) quarterly.


Monitor and analyze your chosen examination area(s) semi-annually.


Monitor and analyze your chosen examination area(s) annually.


Monitor and analyze your chosen examination area(s) on your customized schedule.



Precise BI is critical for elevating performance, limiting spend, promoting greater workforce engagement, & achieving desired outcomes.  Getting unbiased, uninhibited, & laser focused data intelligence rapidly into the hands of your strategy developers and decision makers, only comes through 3rd party examination administration and 100% confidential examination conditions.  This is the engine for driving performance elevation!



Finding new ways to grow is a challenge for most organizations.  Precisely identifying and repairing hidden organizational weaknesses and vulnerabilities provides a boost both in the short and long term.

Unify Individual Agendas

Eliminating competing agendas removes workforce frustration and the artificial cap on organizational performance.

Overcoming Micro-Management

Trusting in and empowering your workforce unleashes their potential.

Drive Personal Accountability

Personal accountability reinforces individual and team expectations, lifting the organization to new heights.

Stronger Leadership

When you understand your people, the issues affecting them, and the concerns they have, they are easier to lead and more likely to follow.

Tighter Processes

Important revelations lead to more enlightened processes, which lead to overall improvement.

Diminish Weaknesses

Uncovering and shrinking weaknesses leads to elevated performance.

Innovative Philosophies

More data and knowledge replace Old-school philosophies with Innovative ones, leading to performance elevation.

Attain Consensus

Acquiring buy-in from all employees frees up efforts for new growth.

Senior & Middle Mgmt. Relationships

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  When leadership is united, it creates a a formidable force for performance growth.

Effective Communications

When you understand the how, what, when, & why to communicate to your unique people, they respond differently.

More Courageous Actions

It is easier to set strategy and goals when you have inside knowledge and are not partially in the dark.

Efficient Resource Deployment

More efficient resource deployment spurs growth and innovation.

Boost Performance

Breaking through barriers leads to healthier outcomes and boosts performance.


Our proprietary Performance Elevation Framework is a management model designed to pinpoint and uncover actionable data points when conducting fact-finding examinations.  This strategic structure rapidly drives the critical BI data necessary to overcome weaknesses and boost growth.  100% of our work and consultations are uninvasively conducted remotely, saving time, money and resources.

 Performance Weakness Detection & Isolation

The Performance Elevation Framework examines the aggregate organizational performance of the selected review area(s), rather than the psychological or emotional positioning and gaps of your leadership and employees.  This enables performance weakness detection & isolation, ultimately leading to continuous improvement and elevation.

Unbiased & Confidential Administration

It is proven that unbiased 3rd party examination administration, in a 100% confidential environment, drives greater transparency and more accurate data sets.  As the administrator of every examination, our framework begins with this at its foundation.

Representative Workforce Group

Drawing feedback from every corner of your organization allows you to give your employees a voice, learn vital BI through the collective responses, and gain goodwill. 

Weakness Identification Test

This test, containing closed-ended questions that assess 25-30 weaknesses within the structure being analyzed, and is composed of an assortment of multiple choice questions, which are aggregated together, to reveal individual weaknesses. 

Weakness Identification Review

The Weakness Identification Review details the specific weaknesses identified by your participant group in the Weakness Identification Test, their aggregate scores, and current health conditions.

Weakness Identification Consultation

Spend up to an hour discussing the Weakness Identification Review results and next steps, with a member of our team, via web-share discussion.   

Customized Root Cause Investigation

Utilizing the results from the Weakness Identification Review, you will choose 3 of the weaknesses identified and our team will develop a customized root cause study, comprised of open-ended questions for your participants to complete, and geared towards delivering the most precise BI data set for your use to build effective performance elevation strategies.

Data Tagging, Normalization, & Cleansing

The open-ended root cause questions create unique answers.  Therefore, every participant answer is reviewed, cleansed, normalized, and tagged, so the data can be visually represented in our Performance Elevation Review.

Data Visualization

The resulting charts, diagrams, and pictures created as precise visual representations of the BI, provide quick discernment & drive strategy development.  

The Collective Workforce Voice

In addition to visualizing the data, hearing the uninhibited voice of your workforce is critical in uncovering the true dynamics within the organization.  The collective workforce voice is delivered in the Performance Elevation Review, through unedited participant quotes.

Performance Elevation Review

The Performance Elevation Review contains only facts and actionable data, and is devoid of any assumptions.  You will experience the reality of your organization, as your workforce believes it to be, and move forward equipped to elevate performance.

Performance Elevation Consultation

Spend up to an hour via web-share discussing The Performance Elevation Review results and potential next steps with a member of our team.



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          5. Do you need to identify concrete needs to address through specific & targeted actions?
          6. Do you need to respond to a need or desire to change, improve, or transform organizational performance?
          7. Do you need to improve leadership, departmental, team, or individual performance?
          8. Do you need to improve relationships with the workforce and middle management teams?
          9. Does your workforce need their voice to be heard and an outlet to express themselves?
          10. Do you need precise BI to assist in program & resource decisions?
          11. Do you need precise BI to aid financial allocation decisions?
          12. Do you need precise BI to guide new training programs and directives?
          13. Are you searching for innovative solutions to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, or performance? 

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Distinct From Commoditized Assessments

Whether they are self-administered or conducted by a 3rd party, comparing the available commoditized tools to our comprehensive examinations is comparing apples to oranges.  Our comprehensive examinations are comprised of custom tools, consultant infused methodologies and insights, in addition to data cleansing and visualization.  If you desire broad and surface level data, we are not the partner you are looking for, however, if you are searching for deep and precise BI data that is actionable and highly revealing, you are in the right place.

Identifying Weaknesses Inhibiting Performance Can Be Quick & Easy

Discovering, detecting, & pinpointing organizational weaknesses is simple, quick, and easy with our Performance Elevation Framework.  Its design is entirely focused on boosting performance and generating a strong ROI.


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David has a unique mix of skills and experience as a manager, Financial Officer, and ultimately, one of the top consultants in his field.

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Expense Assist is dedicated to uncovering, documenting, analyzing and offering creative solutions to greatly improve Enterprise processes. Gary and his team deliver real results that stick and are measurable.

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David is a great asset to any company.  He is always quick to make production flow faster and smoother.

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As an Angel Investment Partner, we are always looking for 3rd party experts who can drive out vulnerabilities and weaknesses, provide sustainable cost savings, promote growth, and enhance competitiveness within our portfolio companies. Expense Assist is that expert.

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Gary has created sustainable savings for more than 30 locations within our Fortune 500 company.  He is a valued addition to any team.

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Having been in and around organizational leadership for the large part of our professional careers as executives, management, and consultants, we have experienced many types of efforts focused on performance elevation.  What we found was that weak and inaccurate BI data being utilized for performance elevation strategy implementations, led to implementation failure or generated feeble results.  Having experienced the challenges in acquiring the 'best possible BI data', we set out to develop a framework that will achieve it every single time, and that is when the Performance Elevation Framework was designed and built.  Now, we want every organization to access this same level of 'best possible BI data' so their performance elevation efforts can be achieved at the highest levels.  If you are in organizational leadership and looking to implement performance elevation strategies in your company, you have found the right strategic partner and examination tools to help you achieve your performance elevation goals!