Expense Assist has multiple solutions that follow our mission to provide unbiased expertise, proprietary tools and a positive methodology to solve complex, ambiguous problems with simple, pragmatic plans and to create stronger profits for our clients.  We go deep to unlock insight, challenge established thinking, draw consensus, stimulate growth and drive transformation.

Organizational Health Diagnostic

How much more effective would your decision making be if you had data pointing to where the structural weaknesses reside?  This macro level maturity model analysis searches for and identifies areas of weakness which are preventing optimum growth.  This independent and unbiased examination arms you with the necessary data to move forward with confidence.

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Information/ Research

What key decisions could you make with the right information?  Survey’s, studies and analyses of all kinds are needed across the organizational spectrum, yet challenging and time consuming to assemble.  We deliver the relevant data based on your needs so you can make the important decisions to move your organization forward.

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Operations Solution

Reinvent your Operations to gain a competitive edge.  This deep dive study assesses critical components such as technology, processes, capacity, skills & time and more to gain an objective viewpoint on the state of Operations.  How much better, faster, smarter can you do what you do?

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Spend Analysis Solution

Unleash significant cost reduction throughout your organization.  We utilize our proprietary cloud-based software, to assesses critical components such as overall spend, maverick spend, contracts, suppliers, processes and more to uncover unnecessary waste.  How much waste can be removed from your spend?

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People & Organization Solution

How much more engagement and motivation can your employees have for their jobs?  This deep dive study takes a 360 degree look into areas such as internal communications, skills & time, employee engagement, culture and more to identify root level issues causing diminished outputs.  Improved employee engagement equals improved earnings growth.

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Procurement Solution

How much more effective can your purchasing be?  This deep dive study examines areas such as sourcing, suppliers, contracts, processes, capacity, policies, and more, to identify areas where improvement can unleash new Organizational growth. More effective procurement equals new growth.

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Determining Your Project Objectives

Each project engagement is unique and has different requirements and needs.  Knowing the project objective helps to guide our scope’s resource allocation and focus.  What is your objective and needs for this project?

OBJECTIVE 1- Compiling Research Information

OBJECTIVE 2- Data Diagnosis

OBJECTIVE 3- Recommended Treatment

OBJECTIVE 4- Treatment Implementation Assistance

OBJECTIVE 5- Post Implementations Management & Tracking

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Expense Assist has deep expertise and Capability across 16 key structural areas of the Organization.  Use the arrows to view all areas and click on the individual Capability to learn more and to view a Case Study.

Expense Assist Proprietary Tools

Expense Assist has developed and utilizes an array of custom tools to aid in the process of delivering unbiased expertise and solutions for stronger profits.

Organizational Growth Assessment

Our proprietary Organizational Growth Assessment tool is a macro level examination that hones in on and identifies organizational areas that have structural weaknesses that are preventing optimum growth and stronger profits.

3,300+ Survey Question Databank

We leverage our proprietary developed Anonymous Survey Question databank that is filled with more than 3,300 questions focused by staff title and project type to uncover untapped growth potential within your Enterprise.

Spend Analytics Software

Our proprietary developed spend analytics software, called Expense Assist, provides real time data visibility at each spending level, helps identify where  overspend is taking place, assists with contracts, budgets, suppliers and more.

Project Scope Tool

Our custom created Project Scope Tool helps walk our teams through a pre-project checklist to identify what data requirements are needed to have a successful project outcome that is growth focused.  Your project objective and needs are identified here.

Process Analysis & Documentation

New, sustainable growth & competitiveness comes from identifying all inefficient, unnecessary and substandard process tasks and creating corrective measures to improve them along with fresh documentation.  Improved training, attrition, output, morale and more are the result.

Live Employee Interviews

Our live employee interviews focus on tasks and processes only to determine where inefficiencies are stifling growth. This discovery process yields fruit, while staying away from sensitive topics like morale, opinions, internal relationships and more.

What Business Leaders Say About Us

David has a unique mix of skills and experience as a manager, Financial Officer, and ultimately, one of the top consultants in his field.

Hal W, TEP

David is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to accounting, contract management and all aspects of business.

Ricky B, Owner

David is a great asset to any company.  He is always quick to make production flow faster and smoother.

Angie C, Nattco

Gary has created sustainable savings for more than 30 locations within our Fortune 500 company.  He is a valued addition to any team.

Rob H, TruGreen

Expense Assist is dedicated to uncovering, documenting, analyzing and offering creative solutions to greatly improve Enterprise processes. Gary and his team deliver real results that stick and are measurable.

Don J., FocusedBuyer
As an Angel Investment Partner, we are always looking for 3rd party experts who can drive out vulnerabilities and weaknesses, provide sustainable cost savings, promote growth, and enhance competitiveness within our portfolio companies. Expense Assist is that expert.
Mike T., Tri-State Angel investment Group

Benefits To Organizational Leadership

Through the meticulous identification and laser focus on improving existing structural weaknesses across our 16 Project categories, your organization will realize stronger profits.  Working with an unbiased, 3rd party source, such as Organizational Growth Specialists, increases the probability of achieving your desired goals.

According to a recent Deloitte Study 59% of organizations are outsourcing these types of critical projects and 78% of those organizations are happy with their overall experience.  

Receiving Peace Of Mind, because you have the assurance critical projects are getting done regardless of your staff’s capacity or time constraints, is critical for every leader who is growth & competitiveness focused.

The identification and elimination of vulnerabilities helps your organization to drive new competitiveness and growth.   That’s the kind of Peace Of Mind every seasoned leader is after.

Your staff’s available capacity is already stretched to the limits.  The idea of adding a significant project to your daily plate can be overwhelming.

Receiving fractional assistance from professionals that specialize in these growth creating projects makes your organization better and stronger. Expense Assist multiplies your available capacity to help your Organization unleash new competitiveness and stronger profits.

The truth is, Unbiased Assessments, generated internally, are hard to come by.  Internally generated assessments are often skewed and a waste of time and dollars because of biases, protection of individual fiefdoms, job insecurities and office politics.

Your Enterprise requires an unbiased 3rd party to systematically analyze and diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, deliver an unbiased assessment and identify the ideal treatment for that segment of your organization.  The unbiased assessment data is the foundation to unlocking new growth potential.

According to a recent Gallop Survey, 63% of employees are not engaged at work and 87% lack motivation and are unhappy.  This negativity of low engaged and motivated employees causes a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth to the bottom line.

The truth is, managing people comes with hurdles and challenges. Individuals often get focused more on “I” rather than “we” and many are lacking enthusiasm and loyalty for your organization. Since culture is critical and determines the future of your Enterprise, something must be done to ensure growth & competitiveness increase.

Our tools & techniques uncover cracks in the culture’s armor and deliver corrective measures that help your staff acquire a sense of ownership and feel more valued which leads to improved engagement and motivation and this significantly propels your organization to improved competitiveness and stronger profits.

Sustainable Cost Reduction is challenging to achieve because of imperfect people, working through imperfect processes, with imperfect technology, resulting in the creation of waste and inefficiencies.

Driving new ways to eliminate waste, increase efficiencies, improve communication, grow employee accountability and enhance purchasing rationalization will create the sustainable cost reduction you desire and that leads to improved growth & competitiveness.

Most organizations either do not have the available capacity to deploy in-house experts to perform detailed analyses or the Enterprise is lacking experts in some key spend areas.

We bring a Category Expert Partner Network of over 40 Expense Categories, each with over 10,000 hours of expertise, to perform deep-dive analyses and uncover sustainable savings opportunities for your Organization.  Our focus is always on delivering unbiased expertise to promote stronger profits.

We continually innovate and develop tools to help identify and repair Enterprise vulnerabilities that are preventing optimum growth.  An example is our Spend Management Solutions Suite, which transforms A/P, Spend Management and other areas into profit centers.

Some of these tools are in the cloud and others are offline.  Each aid in our discovery process in order to help your Enterprise stay competitive and create the kind of growth you desire.

Moving Beyond Low-Hanging Fruit To Unlock New Growth

For the last 10 years, your Enterprise has successfully cut costs through price, staff, benefits & other reductions.  Like every other Organization, yours now requires new, long-term sustainable savings opportunities to stay competitive and create new growth. 

Pricing Structure

Our fixed pricing structure takes the worry out of you needing to “watch the meter” for inflating billable hours
and points the focus where it belongs, on achieving your project objectives.

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Meet The Team

Our team members decided to join forces and leverage their collective experiences, backgrounds and networks to create Expense Assist, for the purpose of providing Enterprises the project help, tools and unbiased perspective needed to unleash new growth & competitiveness through the identification and elimination of organizational vulnerabilities that are holding them back from their optimum potential.

With over 100 years of Growth, Strategic Cost Reduction and Enterprise Alignment experience, we are ready to serve and reinforce your Enterprise.

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