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The Opportunity of Deregulation

Imagine what your life would be like if you COULDN’T choose where to shop—not because you live somewhere with few options, but because regulations permit only one company to sell a good or service. Imagine what it would be like if there was only one automobile manufacturer, one cell phone carrier or one grocery store.

That was the energy industry BEFORE reforms began deregulating the sale and purchase of electricity and natural gas. State energy deregulations have changed the game by breaking up energy monopolies that had previously controlled gas utility companies and electricity rates by state. Now, when your business uses considerable amounts of energy for its heating, air conditioning, lighting, electronics, machinery and appliances, these deregulation reforms combined with new market competition MEANS lower and more flexible prices for you. BOTTOM-LINE: LEAKING CASH IS A THING OF THE PAST!

The Process is Contractual, Not Physical

When you purchase energy from a competitive source, your electricity or natural gas are still delivered to you through the same local power lines and pipelines. In some cases, you’ll also receive and pay your single energy bill to your local utility, too. What changes is who you’re buying power from and how much you pay for it. Essentially, only the invoice, dollar amount and customer care changes. That’s it!

But deregulation also opens the door to numerous, more flexible energy options for terms of contract, price structures, market-risk exposure and efficiency solutions. This will mean a BIG DIFFERENCE in your bottom line. Because competition drives deregulated markets, energy prices in these areas are generally lower than in regulated markets. And with energy often accounting for one of the largest operating expenses in your P&L, COST SAVINGS is the driver.

Is Switching Energy Providers Complicated, Burdensome, or Time-Consuming?

Often, business executives ASSUME that switching energy providers is a hassle, burdensome and time-consuming and therefore, they stay with the same provider, and continue to unnecessarily leak cash. The truth is that moving from one provider to another has never been easier. Here is how it works: once we’ve negotiated the best deal for your organizational needs and circumstances, including the ins and outs of the tariffs and the terms and conditions, we take the lead in the paperwork preparation, allowing you to focus on what you do best- your business.

Once the new provider has the relevant information about your account, they start processing the switch. The next step involves the new provider contacting your current supplier. You will then receive an update, most likely by email, once your account has been moved. You may be asked to confirm that you asked to switch, and once you have done this, the next bill you receive will come from the new energy company. AND THAT’S IT! No cutovers. No downtime. No business interruptions. And we take on most of the work

Delivering access to over 90 energy suppliers

Listed above are only a few of the energy suppliers you would gain access to through Expense Assist.  We are proud to deliver over 90 energy suppliers, depending on the state your business resides.  Through our vast network, we are enabling our customers to access the best prices possible on their natural gas and electricity services, saving them thousands of dollars every year.  This is cash currently leaked, that is now positively redirected into other areas of their organizations.  The same opportunity is available to you.  Take advantage of this no-brainer today!

Expense assist makes it easy for you!

Our trained Advisors will carefully review your energy bills, put together a customized analysis for your business based on your current energy bills and reveal to you a comparison of the best rates and plans available to your organization.

While our partner network manages billions of kWh annually, this huge volume gives our team unique leverage when negotiating pricing and terms for your specific business. This enables us to effectively drive down the cost, to make sure that we are getting you the best rate available.

✓ Analyze

We analyze your current energy bills.

✓ Negotiate

We negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

✓ Present

We present the best options that make sense.

Why Are We Serving at No Cost to You?

While we will receive a very small commission from the new energy provider, that will cover the cost of our overhead, this is our way of giving back and assisting companies negatively impacted by Covid-19 and the associated business challenges that have come with it. SIMPLY PUT- WE WANT TO BE A FORCE FOR GOOD!

We are motivated by helping and serving and know that over time our efforts here will build stronger, deeper, and longer-lasting relationships with our clients. There is no reason whatsoever to continue leaking cash in this P&L area. LET’S IDENTIFY IT AND REPAIR IT so you can put that cash to use in other, more productive areas of your organization. We are delivering this FREE special opportunity, with our fees waived, until 2/28/2021. So, please take advantage of this special opportunity today and begin saving immediately on your energy services.

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