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DETERMINING YOUR OBJECTIVE: There are 5 potential objective levels for a project engagement.  Use the following objectives to determine your project needs.


 OBJECTIVE 1- INFORMATION/RESEARCH – Our focus for this objective is in fulfilling your unique Information/Research needs and requirements.

                Description: Compiling research information is a common need for organizations, however, available internal time and resources are limited to develop the data internally because of day to day activities conducted by the employee base. Yet, surveys, studies and analyses of all types need to be administered in order to have the necessary data to make effective and timely decisions.


   OBJECTIVE 2- MAKE A DIAGNOSIS- Our focus for this objective is on delivering a competent diagnosis based on relevant data that will help you drive positive results.

                Description: Compiling and analyzing focused data sets in order to diagnose a known or unknown structural weakness or problem is a project every organization needs to undertake.  Unfortunately, the available internal time and resources aren’t usually there to get it done.  As diagnosticians, our teams compile and analyze the necessary data in order to diagnose strategic problems in connection with organizational issues.


   OBJECTIVE 3- MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON DIAGNOSIS – Our focus for this objective is on delivering unbiased, objectively appropriate treatment plans for the diagnosed problem in connection with the organizational issue(s).

               Description: Having an outside, unbiased viewpoint on repairing a diagnosed issue is often very helpful, in that it is frequently challenging to remove yourself from the environment and culture in order to formulize the objective treatment required.


 OBJECTIVE 4- ASSIST WITH IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS- Our focus for this objective is to be a resource addition and effectively assist with the implementation of recommendations without usurping management’s role.

                Description: Recommendations that are not implemented are most often viewed as a waste of money and time.   Typically, the lack of implementation occurs because of little to no available management team time and resources.  This collaborative effort allows us to be a resource addition for the management team, enabling effective implementation leading to solved problems and stimulated growth.


OBJECTIVE 5- TRACK AND ACTIVELY MANAGE POST IMPLEMENTATION IMPACT – Our focus for this objective is to ensure captured benefits do not diminish over time.

                Description: Managing and tracking the impact of recommendations post implementation is critical in order to prevent savings, improved efficiencies or other benefits from diminishing over time.  There are ways in which we can assist in this process without usurping the manager’s job.  The key is active management and tracking.

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