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DESCRIPTION: How much more engagement and motivation can your employees have for their jobs?  This deep dive study takes a 360 degree look into areas such as internal communications, skills & time, employee engagement, culture and more to identify root level issues causing diminished outputs.  Improved employee engagement equals improved earnings growth.

PURPOSE: 63% of employees are not engaged at work; 87% lack motivation and are unhappy and this low engagement/ low motivation employee condition causes a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth to the bottom line.  (Gallop Survey).  To identify level of employee disengagement/low motivation and drive improvement in order to improve operating income and earnings growth.

BENEFITS: More engaged workforce, higher morale, lower absenteeism, less attrition, less accidents, greater care for spend, higher productivity, improved culture, improved communications, and improved earnings.

POTENTIAL COVERAGE AREAS INCLUDE: Internal communications, employee engagement, culture, skills & time utilization, training, processes, technology, strategy, GAPS Analysis, policies, compliance, KPI’s, and departmental capacity.

DETERMINING YOUR OBJECTIVE: There are 5 potential objective levels for a Spend Analysis engagement.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

WHAT TO EXPECT: On site visits with key personnel, review of policies and procedures, analysis of training programs, and the uncovering of KPI’s.

Anonymous surveys will be conducted of key personnel to uncover attitudes, friction points, GAPS and more.  On-site visits to observe processes for analysis and documentation.

DELIVERABLE: A detailed report containing all data sets received; highlighting strengths, weaknesses, problems, and opportunities.  Our complete recommendations for action will also be included.

WHAT IS THE COST TO CONDUCT A PEOPLE & ORGANIZATION SOLUTION? The cost is based on your needs as outlined in the scope of work, that we would collaboratively develop.  We always present a flat fee structure, instead of a per hour structure, so you do not need to “watch the meter” for inflating billable hours.  Instead you can put your focus where it belongs, on achieving your project objectives.


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