Most Enterprises have lurking vulnerabilities and weaknesses existing within their structure that are harming profitability and competitiveness.

These vulnerabilities persist within the people, communication, culture, processes, systems, technology, and more, and impede the path to remarkability.

Identifying and rooting out these weaknesses can be extremely challenging and difficult, especially considering the time constraints of an already overworked leadership team.  If the problem isn’t obvious then most often it gets ignored and continues to harm the organization.

Every organization can benefit from a Weakness and Vulnerability Assessment. So, what does an Assessment of this type entail and why should every company either perform the Assessment internally, or hire a 3rd party provider to perform this crucial activity?

An Enterprise Threat Assessment is a diagnostic tool that identifies lurking Enterprise vulnerabilities and weaknesses covering key areas of the  organization. If weaknesses and/or vulnerabilities are found to exist in any of these key areas, the organization will not be operating at peak performance and will miss the mark when it comes to remarkability.

This assessment makes finding trouble spots within your structure simple.  No longer do you need to avoid deeper dive projects because of a lack of confidence and surety as to where exactly the weaknesses are.  The weaknesses reveal themselves through the Enterprise Threat Assessment and the Assessment is usually accompanied by a Diagnostic Findings Report when the activity is performed by a third party.

The Assessment can be located in the cloud to make access simple and readily available to the chosen personnel within any organization. This cloud-based tool is usually relatively short and can be completed quickly by multiple members of your management team. The ideal Threat Assessment is a simple survey and will highlight the existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities currently lurking within your organizational structure and offer you a path towards improvement.  These sustainable savings opportunities will positively transform your Enterprise from good to remarkable!

Remaining competitive and improving profitability is paramount for every business.  Discovering, isolating, and eliminating vulnerable points within the structure is the best method to achieving remarkability.

Gary Bohm, CEO

Expense Assist

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