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Integrating Expense Assist™ With Your ERP or A/P Systems

The Expense Assist™ service can be integrated with several types of software applications – from financial to ERP.  We understand integration isn’t the main driver for any project, the driver is for you to save money.  We also understand improved processes lead to efficiency savings and integration can accomplish that.   Expense Assist™ is flexible and open to integration configurations.

Automating Data Maintenance

Often, “master data” sent to and from an A/P system can be sent to maintain similar data in Expense Assist™, replacing the need for manual maintenance of data in Expense Assist™, or vice versa.  Examples include information about suppliers and users. Alternatively, this data could be maintained in Expense Assist™ and sent via integration to other internal systems.   Expense Assist™ can also support sending/receiving “transactional data.”  Examples include  invoices, contracts, approved invoices (OK to pay), and more.   Here are a few examples of “master data” and “transactional data” integrations:


  • Suppliers from ERP system to Expense Assist™ – Often times customers wish to maintain their supplier records within their system that actually cuts checks to or pays suppliers.  This data can be  extracted, transformed and loaded to Expense Assist™.  Transformation of this data is usually required as Expense Assist™ has custom restrictions to ensure uniqueness and compatibility.
  • Suppliers from Expense Assist™ to ERP system – Suppliers may also be managed and maintained in Expense Assist™.  A feed can be sent on a regular scheduled basis to a customer’s system.  These may include a link back (such as an ERP’s ID number for the supplier) to facilitate supplier updates, or other needs and requirements.


  • Invoices from Expense Assist™ to ERP Systems – Invoices are created in Expense Assist™ via API upload or Manual Entry.  Once matched and approved they are sent to the customer’s ERP system to be paid.
  • Invoices from ERP Systems to Expense Assist™ – Invoices are created in the customer’s system and then sent to Expense Assist™ for line item analysis and reporting, etc.

Benefits Of Integrating Expense Assist™

Integrating Expense Assist™ with your existing systems is the fastest way to improve your bottom line and increase operational efficiencies.   Your team members time will be freed up for higher value tasks and you will ensure key data is promptly updated leading to up-to-date reporting, access to critical data that is current, and faster decision making capability.

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