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The # 1 Challenge Today of Executives Is To
Identify Savings And Cut Costs

Every organization needs a strategy to prune costs out of their spend.   However, trying to make sense of disjointed spreadsheets cobbled together from disparate data across your organization is time consuming at best and chaotic and ineffective at worst.   Controlling costs and risks in this new quick- paced economy would be so much easier with a sweeping automated analysis of company-wide spending that was available on demand 24*7. A map if you will.  Spend analysis reveals the spending costs, risks, and opportunities within the specific areas of spend. Without the map it is close to impossible to get to the destination.

Where Are The Specific Savings Opportunities ?

Achieving granular level visibility on all spend in up-to-date time allows an organization to find gold in their data and to answer questions like:

  • Where can we cut costs right now?
  • What are we buying? From whom? How much?
  • Where could we leverage our spend?
  • Where can we get more spend under management?

The Challenges With Manual Spend Analysis

Find Out What Spend Investigator™ Can Do For Your Organization.  Features Include:


9 Key Benefits

  • Identify more savings opportunities
  • Quicker decision making capability
  • Elimination of unproductive and inefficient manual processes
  • Strengthen contract negotiation positions
  • Employ evidence based decision making at all levels of the organization
  • Improved data visibility into ALL spend areas
  • Increased management and monitoring of spend
  • Re-deploy organization time for higher value activities
  • Opportunities become new levers for growth


  • 60% of companies rely on paper and pencil to analyze spend.
  • More than $260 Billion is lost annually by organizations due to insufficient spend analysis skills and systems
  • Spend Analysis is the CPO/CFO’s top toolbox option
  • 78% of CPO/CFO’s report improved spend visibility is top of mind today
  • Manual spend analysis on 12-15% of the sourcing cycle typically eats up 30-50% of the time
  • 81% of organizations plan to use spend analysis to boost efficiency and cut costs
  • 96% of spend is captured by automated plans vs. 55% by manual
  • Organizations who manually perform spend analysis achieve only 5% cost avoidance savings vs. 9% for those who automate it
  • Only 5% of sourcing is saved by organizations performing manual spend analysis vs. 17% for those automating it
  • Best in class companies have a 45% higher likelihood of monitoring and measuring ALL spend under management than other organizations

8 Big Ideas

  • Spreadsheets are antiquated and not sophisticated enough to achieve max savings potential.
  • There are too many opportunities for time and cost savings, not to automate the collection of spend data.
  • You can’t achieve optimum savings when you are reliant on your vendors for intelligence, and insights.
  • Improved visibility into disparate spending reveals patterns, insights and opportunities that were previously hidden.
  • Automation of data analysis exposes hidden savings opportunities.
  • Automation saves time in data analysis.
  • Providing accurate, timely & reliable data makes for quicker and more efficient decisions.
  • Data is a rock star and organizations need access to more of it to achieve better outcomes.

Our Process


Expense Assist™ will set-up the database, establishing supplier categories, suppliers and other key information by collaborating with you. We will receive your invoices and spend data from you. This can be a one-time look back event or an ongoing tool for you, whichever you deem necessary.  Once received, the data will be extracted and scrubbed by our Document Management tool and uploaded into our system via our API. Our experts will then query the data and set-up the key reporting requested by you and create your access. We will consult with you and the data will be freed up for your further analysis and game-planning.   We can offer as much or as little assistance with strategy & procurement game-planning as you want us to.   Most importantly for your success, is getting from data to decisions quickly and effectively.

Spend Investigator™
A Powerful Platform For Investigating Spend

Ready to get started? Easily manage, monitor, and mine paper expenses with Expense Assist™’s powerful Spend Investigator™ solution.


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