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Cost Reduction Areas Of Opportunity

The following problems occur in every industry every day.   They occur naturally because of the balance between the cost of capturing cost reductions and the value of the cost reductions. The cost reduction opportunities include the following.


According to the Aberdeen Group, 11% of the invoices a firm receives contain an error or errors. These errors are costly to find and correct. Additionally, suppliers have little incentive to eliminate these errors.


Prices for many expense items are higher than they could be, but the cost of the time to comparison shop exceeds the price differential.


Many vendor pricing structures contain complex discounting that requires keeping track of buying for a huge number of line items.


Paper documents can be easily read by humans, but not by machines. This necessitates labor intensive processes to enter invoices into payment systems. It also enables fraud, since fraud is difficult to find in a stack of paper.


Time spent on spreadsheet reports are still prevalent and a common way of creating spend reports because paper invoices are still around and the data on those invoices is trapped.  This forces manual intensive processes to produce these reports.

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