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Purchasing With Insight

Supplier price lists can be long, detailed and change frequently; sometimes weekly as commodity and other prices dictate these changes.  Making intelligent purchasing decisions with data insights is essential to improving your bottom line, as procurement can account for as much as 50% or more of a company’s costs. This area is a great source for finding value but it requires automation.

Trying to juggle competing price lists for the same products and services, sifting through all this voluminous information, exposing best pricing that is not so easily seen and interpreting and evaluating hundreds to thousands of frequently changing supplier line item prices is near impossible and certainly more than a full time job.  But it does not have to be.

So What Is The Price Auditor™?


The Price Auditor™ analyzes multiple supplier price list data points including base pricing, volume pricing, and date range pricing and presents key intelligence and best pricing to its users over the web. The goal is to investigate all supplier price lists and provide insights that lead to smarter purchasing and cost savings.

How Can The Price Auditor™ Solution Help You?

Find Out What The Price Auditor™ Can Do
For Your Organization.  Features Include:


Benefit From The Price Auditor™

  • Always know best prices
  • Reduce cost and wasted effort in procurement related activity
  • Gain insights into upcoming product/ service prices
  • Monitor line item price changes to minimize cost leakage
  • Improve supplier performance
  • Discover and monitor supplier performance

5 Key Price List Analysis Stats

  • Best-in-Class companies are 60% more likely to automate the analysis of supplier price list data
  • 75% of organizations have insufficient systems in place for supplier price data analysis
  • More than 60% of organizations do not examine frequently changing supplier pricing data before purchasing.
  • 70% of all organizations are expected to make the switch from spreadsheet based spend management to an automated solution within the next two years
  • Best in class organizations are 79% more likely to turn to technology solutions for supplier pricing management

The 6 Big Price List Analysis Ideas

  • Identify hidden savings within price lists
  • Automate line item price monitoring
  • Reduce manual price list management
  • STOP cost leakage
  • Create rapid insights to create rapid returns.
  • Make purchasing a value performer

Our Process


Expense Assist™ will set-up the database, establish supplier categories, suppliers and other key information by collaborating with you. We will then receive your suppliers price list data from you.   This can be a one-time current event or an ongoing tool for you, whichever you deem necessary. Once received, the data will be extracted and scrubbed by our Document Management tool and uploaded into our system via our API. Our experts will then work with you to map the data and then perform test queries and set-up the key reporting . This will be followed by creating your access. We will consult with you and the data will be freed up for your further analysis and game-planning. We can offer as much or as little assistance with strategy & procurement game-planning as you want us to.   Most importantly for your success, is getting from data to decisions quickly and effectively.

Price Auditor™
A Powerful Platform for Profit Mining Supplier Price Lists

Ready to get started? Discover a new way to mine supplier price lists with the powerful Expense Assist™ Price Auditor™ solution.