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Invoices Have Problems

Human readable invoices are paper invoices, faxes, or e-mails. They come in an enormous variety of formats. For large companies they are over 50% of the invoices and for small companies up to 100% of the invoices. Invoice problems include:

  • Vendor Invoice Errors: The Aberdeen Group finds that, for the average company, 11% of the invoices received contain errors.
  • Invoice Processing Costs: Many firms find that invoices with a large number of low cost items are not worth processing at the line item level. This is found with services (telecom) and supplies invoices with a large number of low cost line items.
  • Prices Too High: Many companies are paying too much for many incidental items. While the overcharge on any one item is not significant, the total over all line items is significant.
  • Services: Service companies purchase a huge number of small items and services and all are invoiced on paper.
  • Cost of Information: The prices of supply items vary widely and their low cost makes comparison shopping not worth the effort. Since usually a group of items are quoted together, and usage rates can be very different from one item to another. It takes a great deal of effort to compare two different quoted price sheets.

Solving These Requires Automation

Businesses need a system that reads invoices, sends an electronic version of the invoice to the accounts payable system, finds errors, facilitates finding fraud, finds overpriced items, manages error correction, and posts notifications of lower prices.

The Expense Assist™ Value Proposition

The basic Expense Assist™ value proposition is very simple.   When you spend money on Expense Assist™, it will send more money back to you in multiple ways including hard dollar savings, soft dollar savings, time savings, process improvements, cost avoidance and more.
It delivers the following returns and fast.