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The Beginning

Expense Assist™ began as Bohm & Associates back in 1999 with the auditing of seemingly endless paper invoices, contracts and supplier price lists to help companies reduce their overhead expenses.  Sifting through mountains of data for the purposes of standardization, analysis, understanding of patterns and trends, and making recommendations that would lead to improved spend positions has been our passion and focus for more than a decade.   However, as the Great Recession marched on and the need for cost reduction and new growth levers grew greater the realization, “there has to be a better way” began to speak louder and louder. The Expense Assist™ concept was born!

Eliminating Wasteful Processes

Flow chart concept with a descision.It was 2010 and after examining another box of paper invoices and extracting the line item data, I became determined and focused to eliminate the tremendous waste of time and money involved in processes like data preparation, data entry, data extraction, purchasing analysis, spend analysis, and report creation.

Our Mission

The Mission is to assist companies in the efforts of decreasing spending and increasing value and to help eliminate uninformed, unintelligent, unnecessary and frivolous spending where organizations are locked in with no options, a lack of insight and visibility.

The Solution

solution-1024x1024The solution, would have an easy and intuitive user interface and it would be fully supported by our consulting team.  It could integrate with existing systems, it would help buyers purchase smarter from their suppliers, it would help management save time in validating their supplier bills, it would bring greater granular visibility into their spend, it would save time on report creation, it would automate the entry of invoice line item data, it would fundamentally change the way their current business processes were currently done, and it would provide broad data access in a custom designed way across the organization.

At The Core

On the surface, it was a great idea for cutting purchasing time and costs.  At its core is something much more fundamental and powerful: Our collective need and desire to connect and collaborate with like-minded people to help propel Expense Assist™ to a revolutionary suite of resources that could impact any business in a very meaningful way.

Ever Expanding Scope

expanding scope

Over time, the scope of our work will expand because we understand that businesses could enjoy stronger connections, improved visibility, deeper cost reductions, and increased growth by reaching beyond their own data and four walls.  That is the future power of Expense Assist™ in the cloud and we are excited!

Expense Assist™’s Calling

The global economy has emerged from the Great Recession—more connected, mobile, interdependent and lean than ever.  We recognize Expense Assist™’s calling to help organizations find new growth levers through spend innovation and we accept that mantle and look forward to making the future a place of simple and seamless data access, increased visibility, improved analytical insights, greater opportunities to drive cost savings, improved growth prospects and a focus on higher value tasks that free up time- everyone’s most valuable commodity.

Our Impact

Today, we can see how a simple idea from a few short years ago can come into existence to make a positive impact.  Over the coming months and years we will experience Expense Assist™’s evolution, adaptation, iterations, and growth to have a major impact on the way businesses interact with their suppliers, analyze pricing and purchasing spend data and ensure their spend is not wasted but rather more efficient than ever before to serve the organization.

We Invite You To Join Us On The Journey

Together, with our clients, we’re changing the way business gets done for the better and creating improved outcomes.   And we invite you to join us on the journey.

To a more prosperous future-
Founder & CEO