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All Operational Expense Audits performed by Expense Assist or our strategic partners are conducted 100% RISK-FREE for you.  This means if we don’t find any savings opportunities there is no cost.  Period.

We Share The Savings With You

Our promise to you is that if there are no savings then there are no fees.  All secured savings are shared by us with you 50/50 for (3) years, this includes any Operational Expense Category reviewed.

Categories We Review

The Expense Assist team audits ALL of the most common operational expense categories for savings opportunities.  Below are several typical categories you can expect to find potential savings:

• Tax Credits • Dental Supplies
• Health & Commercial Insurance • Merchant Accounts
• Freight • Office Supplies
• Real Estate • Accounts Payable
• Employee Benefits • Payroll Processing
• Fleet Management • Telecommunications
• Food Services • Utilities
• Janitorial Supplies • Waste Management
• Medical Supplies • Supplies & Maintenance
• Laboratory Supplies • Print Services

What Amount Of Savings Can You Expect?

While savings vary from category to category and client to client, you can routinely expect a 15-25% cost reduction per category.  We are successful 98% of the time in finding savings.  Our minimum goal is to save you $1,000 multiplied by your employee headcount.  This savings would easily equal 100’s of $1,000’s to $1,000,000’s of equivalent new sales ($) from your organization.

Minimal Executive & Staff Time Required

Expense Assist clearly understands your time is valuable.  That is why we have developed our processes to limit the amount of your time required in conducting these audits.  The total Executive time investment you can expect is maxed out at (10) hours or less, spread out over several months, to achieve the cost savings.  The same is true with your staff involvement.

Care & Support

Our engagement with you is a partnership.  During our (3) years,
if there are any concerns of any kind, we are ready to help in any way we can.

Expense Reduction Audits
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