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Most Software Has a Steep Learning Curve

There are a number of software products on the market that help organizations to “spend less” or to “contain costs”, but that’s all they are:  software. Do you have more time to evaluate each and every software offering to determine which the best fit is for your company?  Do you have staff with the time and experience to use the software you have chosen to its fullest?  Most likely, your resources are spread pretty thin already and you are using lots of different software applications, each with a different learning curve. What other initiatives are not getting done while you implement and train on new software? How many months or years does it take to achieve the anticipated ROI?   Do you ever use the software suite to its fullest capabilities?

Successful Solutions Involve More Than Just Software

maximize successWhat you need is a complete solution, not just a tool.   With Expense Assist™, you get more than just a tool.  Our software is more than automating the key processes related to invoice validation, spend analysis and report authoring.  We incorporate employee access level security, 360 degree viewing, Central Repositories for suppliers, invoices and contracts, Scorecards and a whole lot more.

Plus, we layer an experienced, Strategic Success Professional (SSP) to assist you in getting your desired outputs exactly when you need them. This is your dedicated team member, to be leaned on to achieve meaningful results. The point is to get you using Expense Assist™ as effectively as possible so you are achieving and maximizing success… every single day.

You Don’t Have To Be The Expert

At Expense Assist™, we recognize that every organization is unique, so our solutions are customized to your situation. With every project, we provide end-to-end consultation to help you decide what data to move, business requirements to be included, create a project plan and schedule, and customize repositories and reporting that you will need along the way. You will have our whole support team behind you, from Strategic Success Professionals, to Implementation and Training Specialists, to Client Services Representatives, Operations Director and Project Managers, all dedicated to the ongoing success of your project!

Additional Services

We can also provide experienced staff to augment your team, such as data analysts and project managers to work directly with your employees and suppliers. We do all the training and can also act as an extension of your team to get things done and achieve bottom line results! This saves you time, money and hassles! Of course, if you prefer to use your internal labor and just need access to our platform, we can provide that.  Just ask your Strategic Success Professional to explain your options or click here to learn more