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Paper Invoices Are The Problem

Invoices contain hidden value, yet the ability to find and capture this value is limited by the time it takes to process an invoice, check it for errors and ensure all discounts have been accounted for.  Sometimes, items are ordered and invoices are just accepted and paid.  Other times, a company may allocate a lot of resources to ensure 100% accuracy in their invoices.  Either way, Expense Assist™ addresses this issue and helps companies to do invoice validation very inexpensively.

Invoices Contain Errors And Should Be
Continually Monitored For:

– Charge Errors
– Missed Volume Discounts
– Duplicate Invoices
– Billing For Discontinued Items
– Incorrect Pay Terms

Find Out What The Invoice Defender Plus™ Can Do
For Your Organization.  Features Include:


Benefit From The Invoice Defender Plus™


  • Error Protection
  • Volume Discount Opportunity Mining
  • Invoice Duplication Elimination
  • Discontinued Billing Monitoring For Cancelled Items
  • Reduce Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Reduce manual intervention and monitoring
  • Central Repository

8 Key Invoice Validation Stats

  • Best-in-Class organizations are 400% more likely to automate invoice validation.
  • Companies with validation automation save 46% more time on supplier billing disputes.
  • 57% of organizations today lack visibility and transparency into their suppliers invoices.
  • 55% of all invoices are still paper based.
  • 11% of all invoices contain an error in your favor.
  • 17% of companies can compare invoices to contracts for pay terms, and 23% for pricing.
  • Organizations that validate pay terms secure early pay discounts 2X more than others.
  • Those that automate invoice validation are 84% more likely to discover duplicate invoicing.


The 4 Big Invoice Validation Ideas

  • Defend invoices against error, waste, duplication, & continuous billing for cancelled items.
  • Automate tracking and monitoring of cancelled products/ services to ensure billing ceases.
  • Leverage automation to identify duplicate billings.
  • Reduce manual intervention through automation



Expense Assist™ can receive your invoices direct from your supplier or from you, whichever is best. Once received, our experts will check to ensure you have been invoiced at agreed to unit rates and nothing more. We then can handle any resolution process, if you want us to, ensuring that these errors are corrected and saving you any associated administrative time.

Invoice Defender Plus
A Powerful Platform For X-Raying Supplier Invoices

Ready to get started? Discover a new way to mine expenses with the powerful Expense Assist™ Invoice Defender Plus™ solution.