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Automating The Conversion Of Paper Invoices to Digital
Is A Valuable Compliment To E-Invoicing

Paper invoices are the scourge of accounts payable, responsible for many exceptions, supplier inquiry calls, processing delays and late payment fees. While converting suppliers from paper to an electronic process is a proven best practice, some portion of your invoices will remain on paper, particularly those from low-volume or low-spend suppliers. Converting these paper invoices saves time and resources and assists with improving this required process.

Why Expense Assist™ Invoice Conversion Services?

With Expense Assist™ Invoice Conversion Services, you avoid the high cost and maintenance of scanning and OCR equipment.  In its place, you get a proven solution for converting paper invoices that lowers costs and improves straight through processing and spend analysis.

Benefits Of Invoice Conversion Services

Fully Automate Large Quantities Of Invoices And Easily Integrate Them Into Existing Systems
Eliminate All The Costs Associated With Scanning And OCR Equipment, Mailroom And Storage, And Apply The Same Validation, Process, And Exception Based Workflow For All Your Invoice Transactions In A Single Invoice Stream.
Recieve Line Item Level Data Extraction For All Your Invoices To Achieve Higher Straight Through Processing Rates And Granular Insights Into Your Spend. 

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