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Designed To Be Low-Risk And Win-Win

We know your team is very busy and often overstretched for time.  We also know to stay competitive today, discovering savings is imperative. That is why we created the low-risk, win-win Expense Reduction Audit.  Designed to find savings where they are difficult to find and to free up your time for higher value tasks.  Work with our experts today to tackle your Expense Reduction needs.

50% of the documented savings for 24 months

  • 20% of yr 1 savings upfront upon acceptance of recommendations
  • Quarterly analysis of implemented spend to compare back to benchmark/ invoice for share amount minus 5% (yr 1) and yr 2 full
  • Quarterly provision of: Spend Reports, Discrepency Reports, Concerns Report, Fee Invoice

The Cost of benchmarking current spend for Audit- BASED ON SCOPE OF WORK + Data Conversion Services.   LEARN MORE

  • Paid upfront upon aceptance of audit project
  • 50% cost rebate for benchmarking vs quarterly fees spread over 8 quarters if recommendations accepted
  • Keep all spend reports : line item reports, supplier spend reports, expense category reports, discrepency reports, etc

Expense Reduction Audit FAQ

Q: What is an Expense Reduction Audit?
A: An Expense Reduction Audit is a process that helps companies and not-for-profit organizations to significantly reduce operating expenses. Expense Assist helps to identify and negotiate undiscovered cost savings of 10% to 40% in up to 35 indirect expense categories, then we track the new spending vs the old spending to ensure that anticipated savings are achieved.

Q. How accurate is your audit process?
A.  Expense Assist utilizes its propriety software to achieve detailed and granular spend benchmarks that help us achieve  1-3% deviation from anticipated savings and ultimately happy clients.  This is unlike other “expense reduction” companies who consider a brief “40,000 foot view” initial assessment, review and manual analysis of current spend enough to quantify true spend baselines and savings opportunities.  This antiquated effort invariably leads to smaller savings, wasted time and disappointment. 

Q: What types of organizations can best be served by an Expense Reduction Audit?
A: Every for-profit and not-for-profit organization has recurring operating costs, so every type of organization with significant overhead expenses can benefit from an Expense Reduction Audit.   We typically focus these efforts on organizations with at least $1 million in recurring G&A expenses and $15-20+ million in annual revenue.

Q: How does Expense Assist charge for its services?
A: Expense Assist shares the actual documented savings 50/50 with you that is generated over the duration of the engagement, typically 24 months.  Our fees comprise of a 20% deposit upfront at the delivery and acceptance of the final audit report for each expense category.  We then share in the actual results every quarter going forward when we send you our audit reports.  This is seperate from the cost of benchmarking your current spend.

Q: Are there any fees after the Expense Assist engagement is over?
A: No, your organization gets to keep 100% of the savings once our engagement is over.  However, many of our clients continue to utilize several of our automated expense reduction solutions moving forward to monitor, reduce, contain and streamline their expenses. 

Q: How do you determine anticipated savings in a category?
A: We first complete a detailed spend analysis with our proprietary software which benchmarks spend and provides insight into supplier performance.  These metrics reveal which suppliers and spend categories we can achieve the greatest savings impact in.  Without this granular benchmarking, savings are just “hoped for”.  With it, we hit the bullseye for you!

Q: What if there are suppliers that we do not want you to engage?
A: Every client has suppliers with which there are special relationships or with which recent contracts make negotiations pointless.  Simply let us know which suppliers to eliminate from the project, and we will.

Q: Will a cost reduction project take a lot of my staff’s time?
A: Time involvement  consists of providing invoices, contracts and price sheets for the categories reviewed as well as completing brief online supplier surveys to gather supplier intelligence.  Expense Assist handles the data assembly, the supplier bidding and much of the project implementation.

Q: Shouldn’t my internal purchasing people already be pursuing expense reduction?
A: Your internal people are most likely pursuing expense reduction, but in virtually all organizations the task is too large and knowledge so specialized for most staff to effectively achieve along with their other purchasing duties.  As a result, it is pursued on a sporadic basis when a problem arises rather than on a consistent  or deep basis.  Expense Assist can quickly address cost reduction across a variety of categories, bringing in national purchasing relationships and specialized subject matter experts that deliver results well beyond what your staff may be able to accomplish on their own.

Q: What happens if we decide not to implement Expense Assist’s recommendations?
A: You are under no obligation to accept our recommendations. We realize that there is more to supplier selection than price alone. If you do not accept a recommendation, that item is removed from the project and is not counted in the overall auditing of savings going forward.