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Cost Conscious Culture

The path to sustainability and growth is clear.  A well developed and focused effort on a Cost Conscious Culture is paramount to succeed in today’s business climate.  Actions that breed loyalty, plans that create efficiency and powerful tools that optimize a company’s spend are all required to continually further this culture.

When the organization’s economic health and vitality come first, incredible results and outcomes follow:

  • Managers leading by example.
  • Employees embracing and aligning with the culture.
  • All contracts carefully managed and negotiated.
  • Every supplier’s performance evaluated.
  • Every invoice mistake and error rooted out and corrected.
  • All purchases strategically made with intelligent insights.
  • Every process optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • All positive results and outcomes celebrated and rewarded.

All of these initiatives assisting the organization to keep more of what they are earning.

This pervasive culture is what we strongly believe in and strive to advance.  We encourage this wherever we go and with everyone we encounter.  A Cost Conscious Culture creates savings, which drops straight to the bottom line as profit.  This profit is equal to the existing profit margin multiplied by the new sales it would require, which often is in the millions of dollars.   Increasing sales by millions of dollars without a merger or acquisition is near impossible in today’s economic environment.     This is why we so strongly believe in this culture.

Expense Assist™ is solely focused on helping your organization retain more of the revenue you work so hard to create.



You are the reason why we do what we do and we are dedicated to see you succeed.  We welcome these challenges that the current marketplace demands and strive to overcome the challenges in order to stay out front for our clients benefit.    The Expense Assist™ mission is to help every client to become the most competitive and financially sound business possible.  We believe so strongly in this and that’s why we are always:

  • Seeking out industry best practices
  • Innovating with today’s technology
  • Creating better tools and services
  • Created our comprehensive Expense Assist™ Training Academy
  • Promoting positive process changes
  • Connecting with key strategic partners
  • Providing top level client support
  • Utilize follow-up assessments
  • Providing a Strategic Success Professional (SSP) for every client

We will continue to further the possibility of a Cost Conscious Culture for all of our clients in order to see them become more competitive and financially sound.    We pledge that our team will continue to pursue this path to make your success the measure of our success.

Expense Assist™ is solely focused on helping your organization retain more of the revenue you work so hard to create.