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We Are Profit Mining™ Champions

We have been in your shoes.  Expense Assist™ began as a boutique expense reduction consulting firm analyzing loads of paper data to determine granular spend metrics.  We knew there had to be a better way. Today, we are an experienced group of people working on difficult and challenging problems with the purpose of helping companies to become more profitable.

About Us

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Cost Conscious Culture

The path to sustainability and growth is clear. A well developed and focused effort on a Cost Conscious Culture is paramount to succeed in today’s business climate. Actions that breed loyalty, plans that create efficiency and powerful tools that optimize a company’s spend are all required to continually further this culture. At Expense Assist™, we strive towards helping organizations achieve and sustain this culture. Click here to learn more.

We Believe In The Power Of People And Data Mining

At Expense Assist™, we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed and achieve meaningful bottom line results. Being part of the Expense Assist™ team means championing Executives, building impactful software products and achieving sustainable cost reduction.