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Manual Report Creation Is Inefficient

Your organization is probably like most, still receiving more than 50% of your supplier invoices in the form of paper. These invoices may contain hundreds to thousands of line item purchases.  The challenge to get each and every one of these line items into your A/P system is daunting. It’s just not time efficient to have your people manually enter this data and do it without high error rates. So, the line item data transfer is left out, leaving only the final cost to be captured.   This lack of full data capture causes downstream problems when it comes to reporting.   To create a report with full line item data, manual report preparation and authoring must be undertaken, for every expense category where paper billing is present and line item data is not captured. This puts a massive strain on the organization.

Find Out How Manual Spreadsheet Reporting Is
Damaging To Your Organization:

Find Out What Automated Report Authoring Can Do
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Benefit From Automated Report Authoring


  • save exponential time and money
  • create a new growth lever
  • improve data visibility, access & sharing
  • eliminate excel spreadsheets
  • drive savings- faster
  • improve employee satisfaction and productivity
  • manage anywhere- always access
  • data drill down
  • custom dashboards
  • decrease administrative and management costs

9 Key Stats

  • 70% of organizations will make the switch from spreadsheet based spend management to an automated solution within the next 2 years.
  • 78% of CPO/CFO’s report improving visibility into spend are top-of-mind today
  • 57% of organizations today lack visibility and transparency into ALL of their spend.
  • Average companies are 49% more likely to cite time spent on manual transactions as a critical challenge driving focus on workforce management improvement.
  • Best-in-Class organizations are 55% more likely to use executive (or strategic) dashboards than other organizations
  • Best-in-Class organizations are 45% more likely to leverage drill-down technology for greater understanding and manipulation of key data.
  • Organizations utilizing Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) are 51% more likely to provide Business Intelligence (BI) to their employees.
  • Best in class organizations are 79% more likely to turn to technology solutions for automating spend reporting.
  • Organizations are 65% more likely to indicate that their preferred delivery model for spend reporting and management is via the cloud and SAAS


THE 10 Big Ideas

  • Capture all granular line item data from all paper bills.
  • Eliminate manual preparation of data and creation of all spend reports in any spreadsheet.
  • Leverage automation for report outputs.
  • Eliminate need for employees to waste hours data gathering, extracting, and manually entering into spreadsheets.
  • Re-deploy time saved for higher value tasks.
  • Utilize custom dashboards for key saved reports.
  • Improve data access and decision making cycles.
  • Lower administrative costs.
  • Eliminate human error capability.
  • Have data drill-down capability for more granular visibility.



Expense Assist™ can receive your invoices direct from your supplier or from you, whichever is best. Once received, our team will run them through the data extraction- accuracy verification- data push process. Once the data is in the Expense Assist application, the reports are ready to Query, Print, PDF, and push to Excel for further manipulation.

Automated Report Authoring
A Powerful Platform For Automating Reporting

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