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55% Of All Invoices Are Still In Paper Form

In a paper environment, large volumes of invoices are burdened with the potential for human error.  Considerable time can be spent on manual data entry.  This inevitably results in mistakes, as well as delays.  Automated invoice data capture, extraction and entry facilitates information accuracy, consistency and completion which dramatically reduces errors, makes information easily accessible, provides more security, saves considerable staff resources and ensures prompt payment.

Manual Processes Create Errors

The biggest challenge in AP invoice processing is an over-reliance on people and paper-based processes.  This labor-intensive, manual process creates a high number of errors, which results in a higher cost per invoice and lower operational efficiency.

Manual Processes Are Time Intensive

Invoices with lots of pages and line items per page can take quite awhile to get that data into the A/P system.  Hundreds to thousands of monthly invoices can negatively impact an organization. The vast amount of time spent on this process can be freed up for higher value tasks saving and creating for your organization.

Find Out Why You Need To Migrate Your Manual Paper-Based Invoice System To An Automated One

Benefits Of Automated Invoice Entry

  • reduce manual processes
  • reduce intervention
  • save time
  • create efficiencies
  • reduce errors, mistakes & fraud
  • improve data visibility and access
  • create a new growth lever

9 Key Stats

  • The average cost to process a single invoice for Best-in-Class organizations is $3.09
  • The average cost to process a single invoice for the average company is $15.61
  • 58% of CPO/CFO’s report improving invoice processing costs are top-of-mind today
  • Best-in-Class organizations spend only 3.8 days to process a single invoice
  • 33% of organizations express difficulty finding and managing paper-based documents
  • 55% of invoices received by an organization are still paper based
  • 35% of A/P staffers’ time is spent fielding inquiries pertaining to their organizations suppliers and related invoices
  • Best in class organizations are 73% more likely than others to have a single, central invoice repository
  • Best-in-class organizations are 86% quicker in paying invoices- days payable outstanding (DPO)

The 10 Big Ideas

  • Automate the entry of ALL invoice data
  • Shorten invoice entry and processing times
  • Reduce late payments and increase early pay discounts
  • Decrease manual error creation
  • Decrease potential for fraud
  • Spend less time manually prepping documents
  • Free up time for higher value tasks
  • Lower costs of invoice entry” to top of bullet list.
  • Decrease chance of paying for duplicate invoice
  • Decrease costs and space allocated for physical storage

Our Process


Expense Assist™ can receive your invoices direct from your supplier or from you, whichever is best. Once received, our team will run them through the data extraction- accuracy verification- data push process. Once the data is optimized it will be automagically pushed to your Accounts Payable application. The invoice data with all line items will appear where you need it, avoiding any manual effort
to get that data into your system.

Automated Invoice Entry
A Powerful Platform For Automating The Entry of Supplier Invoices

Ready to get started? Achieve optimum operational efficiency with the powerful Expense Assist™ Automated Invoice Entry solution.


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